The Grand Elm Playlot Project in Richmond

image-full;size$350,263.ImageHandlerI’ve never seen anything like it – a dangerous 1/2-acre park in one of the Bay Area’s most dangerous neighborhoods – the Iron Triangle in Richmond – turned into a thriving, beautiful oasis for the neighborhood’s children and families, who need the respite and the exercise. Here is a write up on it, below, with Toody Maher, the woman behind the transformation, described as well. It’s a truly uplifting project, and as Toody said, parks all over the country in distressed areas could do the same. (With the tenacity of someone like Toody…)


The Mighty Elm Playlot

Toody Maher knows the impact a local playground or park can have on residents’ health.

She can citestudies that show that children with a playground very near their home are much more likely to be a healthy weight, that kids are more active at a renovated playground, that more kids in low-income neighborhoods use a playground when there is adult supervision.

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